About Us

Our Team

For over ten years, Paul and Mary-Jo Perez have built a solid reputation as one of South Florida's most trusted business owners. The Perez's are committed to providing quality service to not only their clients & vendors, but to their community as well.  


Our clients range from small condo buildings, hotels, and shops up to large corporate 30 floor buildings and higher.  All part of the 1Touch family for years as they know with 1Touch, we provide the best in quality service.  


At 1Touch Elevator Phones we have made it part of our mission to only partner with vendors and suppliers that are licensed, certified, and understand the importance of customer service. 

The 1Touch Guarantee

We guarantee to provide consistent, reliable, & professional service to all of our partners & clients.

The 1Touch Philosophy

Building a solid reputation with consistent services and fair prices  provide a more sustainable business model for years to come.  Sticking to the same core values they use to raise their family.. trust, honesty, and loyalty.