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1Touch Elevator Phones provides a variety of emergency elevator phones to fit your needs.  Whether it be a single elevator for the smaller commercial buildings or more detailed  multi-elevator relay systems for the larger corporate structures.To make sure you have the system that is right for you, we work with a variety of the industry's leading providers of elevator phones.  We will  review your current systems, make suggestions on the benefits of switching to us and make any changes as smooth as possible. 

1Touch Elevator Phones is a licensed and certified on the phones  we support, so you know that no matter the situation you, your customers, and your elevators are in the right hands. 

Phones Available


 Janus is a brand of AVIRE and  has been operating since 1988. Janus celebrates over 25 years as a  reliable and respected provider of safety products into the elevator  industry. We offer premium security communication devices. 


Our emergency phones, load-weighing systems, and barricades have set new  standards for the market place. All of our products are made proudly in  the USA. Our Tech-support also is US-based, free, and rivaled by none.


Since 1985 Wurtec Inc. has set it sights on servicing the vertical  transportation industry.  Our greatest strength is our knowledge.  With  over 100 years of combined industry experience we are ready and prepared  to assist you with your elevator business needs 

VIking Electronics

We are continually developing new ideas using the latest technology to  expand our product lines. As always, Viking products are designed,  manufactured, and supported in the USA and are backed by a two year  limited warranty.         


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