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In our industry we understand the importance of providing stellar client support, exceptional customer service and the best in product quality.   And it is for these reasons, that our clients not only are loyal, but have become apart of the our extended team.And it is because of that loyalty that our network of businesses, large and small,  has continued to grow steadily.over the last 10+ years.We know even though most of our leads for new business, are personal referrals from our existing clients, the 1Touch Team will do what it takes to win your business not for just the short term....but as long as your customers need to go Up and Down that road of success. 

Paul & Mary-Jo Perez

For over ten years, Paul and Mary-Jo Perez have built a solid reputation as one of South Florida's most trusted business owners for elevator telephones in fort lauderdale & surrounding areas.. The Perez's are committed to providing quality service to not only their clients & vendors, but to their community as well.It their strongest belief that a reputation as an honest and reliable business person is the greatest recipe for success. While others seek to profit by cutting corners, or recommending unnecessary services to make a quick buck,  the Perez's believe in a different business model.Building a good reputation with consistent services  and affordable prices will provide a much more sustainable business model for years to come.  By sticking to the same core values that they use to raise their family... trust, honesty, and sense of community they are proof that this model works and allows them to be a substantial support team of not only their family & friends but the community in which they live.

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1Touch Elevator Phones, always looking forward to working with you today for a better tomorrow.